Protein NMR & Crystal Structures

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Nexomics Biosciences has deep experience with NMR structural biology techniques. We offer a full range of services from data collection, data processing, data analysis and structure determination.

NMR Data collection

500 MHz Varian
600 MHz (cryoprobe) Bruker
600 MHz (cryoprobe) Varian
800 MHz Bruker
Probes include 19F and 1H, 2H, 13C, 15N-TR NMR

NMR Spectral analysis

Backbone assignments
Side-chain assignment
Protein-Protein, Protein-Nucleic Acid complex analysis
Dynamics, disorder, stability
Biosimilarity analysis

Structure Determination

Three-dimensional protein structure determination and quality assessment.
Ligand-protein complexes
Protein-protein complexes

X-ray Crystallography Structures

Nexomics Biosciences has extensive experience solving protein crystal structures, including protein-protein, and protein-nucleic acid complexes, using X-ray crystallography.

Crystal Screening

HTP screening (1536 conditions)
Standard kit-based screening

Crystal Optimization

Optimizing crystal hits to improve size and diffraction quality. Optimization measured using in-house light source.

Structure Determination

Three-dimensional protein structure calculation and quality assessment.

Homology Modeling

Homology models are useful for pathway modeling, predictive protein-protein / protein-ligand interactive simulations and in general as a guide in the protein structure determination process. Nexomics Biosciences offers homology modeling using our proprietary modeling and structure validation software.