Software Licensing

Nexomics license bioinformatics and scientific software, developed by NESG, include Primer Prim'er for primer design, AutoAssign for NMR backbone assignment, AutoStructure and ASDP for NOESY data analysis and structure determination

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NMR backbone assignment: A constraint-based expert system for automating analysis of NMR backbone resonance assignments of proteins such as HN, NH, CO, CA, CB, HA, and HB resonances in non-, partially-, and fully-deuterated samples

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Automatic NOSEY data analysis and structure determination. An automated NMR NOE assignment engine. A distinct bottom-up topology-constrained approach for iterative NOE interpretation and together with structure calculation programs like XPLOR or CYANA to generate a 3D structure of the protein that is as close to the true structure as possible. Recall, Precision, and F-measure scores. Structure quality assessment measurements based on information retrieval statistics. measures the ‘goodness-of-fit’ of the 3D structure with NMR chemical shift and unassigned NOESY data, and calculates a discrimination power (DP) score, which estimates the differences between the fits of the query structures and random coil structures to these experimental data. 

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SPINE Database

NESG project coordination database. An integrated tracking database and data mining approach for identifying feasible targets in high-throughput structural proteomics

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A universal restraint converter, restraint analysis software package for protein NMR structure determination. Also allows for manipulation of coordinate and constrain files for proteins.

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