Cloning, Expression, & Purification

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Primer Design

Designing the correct primer sequence can have a large impact on the success of a PCR reaction.
Through our automated proprietary primer design software we can design and deliver the optimal set of primers to ensure success.

Gene Synthesis & Cloning

Gene Synthesis is a powerful new technology for delivering difficult-to-isolate genes.
Gene synthesis is particularly useful when applying domain parsing techniques, mutagenesis techniques, or when working with difficult-to-isolate eukaryotic cDNA pools.

Large Scale Expression

Nexomics Biosciences offers large scale multi-liter fermentation.
We support a wide range of expression systems and media types.
We have unique expertise in preparing isotope-enriched protein samples.

Stable Isotope Labeling

Nexomics has extensive experience incorporating stable isotopes into native protein to facilitate NMR and mass spectrometry studies.


Nexomics uses an automated two-step process using Nickel column purification followed by analytical gel purification to ensure the highest purity protein is obtained.
Molecular weight is confirmed using mass spectroscopy.
Alternative purifications techniques are employed for difficult proteins such as various different purification tags as well as refolding.